House Hold Hazardous Materials


Winneshiek County Recycling

2510 172nd Ave, Decorah, IA 52101
Call 563-382-6514


H Take to HHM

D Pour down drain (if connected
to sanitary sewer)

T Place in trash

U Unacceptable waste


Garage & Workshop

Acetone H
Artist’s paint & media H
Antifreeze H
Autobody repair products H
Automobile oil H
Battery acid H
Brake fluid H
Car wax, solvent-based H
Contact cement H
Driveway sealer H
Fiberglass epoxy H
Fluorescent light bulbs H
Gasoline/oil mixtures H
Gasoline & other fuels H
Glue, solvent-based H
Glue, water-based H
Joint compound H
Kerosene H
Lighter fluid H
Nonautomotive oils H
Oil filters H
Paint, latex H
Paint, oil-based H
Paint thinner H
Paint stripper H
Parts cleaner H
Photographic chemicals H
Rust remover H
Shellac H
Stain H
Transmission fluid H
Turpentine H
Varnish H
Windshield washer solution D
Wood filler H
Wood preservative H

Unacceptable Waste

Compressed gas cylinders
(freon) U
Explosives (shotgun shells,fireworks, gunpowder) U
Infectious/biological waste U
Radioactive materials U
Shock-sensitive/heatsensitive materials(peroxide, picric acid)U
Hazardous waste from small/large quantity generatorbusinesses*U

* Note: Businesses that qualify asVery Small Quantity Generators(VSQG) can use the HHM programfor a fee. VSQGs must pre-register and schedule an appointment before bringing materials to the collection facility. Call HHM collection sites for further information.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Alcohol-based lotions(perfume, aftershave) D
Bleach D
Cleaners, ammonia-based D
Cleaners, solvent-based H
Cosmetics T
Disinfectants H
Drain cleaner D
Floor care products H
Hair remover H
Medicine (liquid) T
Nail polish H
Nail polish remover H
Oven cleaner H
Permanent wave solution D
Skin cream T
Thermometers (mercury) H
Toilet bowl cleaner D
Tub & tile cleaner D
Window cleaner D

Home & Garden

Aerosol cans, full H
Batteries, alkaline T
Batteries, button H
Batteries, rechargeable H
Dry cleaning solvent H
Fertilizer (without pesticides) T
Fertilizer (with pesticides) H
Fungicide H
Furniture polish H
Insect spray H
Light ballasts H
Metal polish, solvent-based H
Mothballs H
Pesticides H
Pool chemicals H
Rat poison H
Shoe polish H
Spot remover H
Stump remover H
Thermostats (mercury) H
Weed killer H

Proper Disposal

• Give leftover materials such as paint thinner and paint to someone who will use them up for their intended purpose.

• Never pour oil, antifreeze, or other hazardous materials on the ground, into stormsewers, or down the drain.

• Take hazardous products that you cannot use up or give away to one of the HHM Collection sites. (A product exchange program that provides residents access to unused items is available at each facility.)