County Recorder’s Office:   563-568-2364

  • We are open to the public for research & day-to-day transaction, but we encourage limiting the amount of time in our vault area because of the smaller space.
  • Individuals are encouraged to go on-line to research recorded documents at for records 1979 to the present instead of doing research in the vault

Welcome to the Allamakee County Recorder/Registrar Office homepage. It is our goal to provide accurate information for the public regarding real estate, conservation, and vital records.

The office of the County Recorder was established in 1839 to maintain official records of documents affecting title to real estate in order to preserve property rights and protect innocent third parties in real estate transactions.  Although this basic duty remains relatively unchanged, many additional functions have been added to the office.

The Office of the Recorder is an elected position with a term of four years.

The Allamakee County Recorder’s Office does not provide legal services or prepare legal documents.  

We do accept MasterCard or Visa debit/credit cards.


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