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ASAP offers a variety of topics for community groups.  Many focusing on alcohol, tobacco, e-cigaretts and other drugs, many which are interrelated.  We can provide a speaker at your event or we can put on an event for your group.  Presentations are provided free of charge.

Evidenced-Based Programs

  •     Project Northland/Slick Tracy
  •     Project Northland/Power Lines
  •     Change Direction
  •     Walking the Talk

Youth Programs

  •     Leadership Conferences
  •     Adventure-Based Activities
  •     Service Learning Activities
  •     Internships

Allamakee Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) works with youth, schools, local organizations, communities, law enforcement and others to provide programs, services, and trainings that focus on helping people develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to make good choices or change harmful behaviors.

ASAP has integrated many programs, presentations and provided other services to all three public school districts in Allamakee County, and Waukon's St. Patrick's School.


Above is a panel presentation to 8th Grade Students given by Waukon Police Department, Allamakee County Sheriff, School personnel, District Court Judge, Veterans Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Technician, Mayo Clinic Physician.

Above is a panel presentation to 8th grade students, given by Waukon Police Department, Allamakee County Sheriff, School personnel, District Court Judge, Veterans Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Technician, Mayo Clinic Physician.

Above is graduation day for 7th Grade Project Northland Classes.  These classes & Slick Tracy/Project N are given in all Allamakee Community Schools.

Above ASAP Director, Jean Bossom, is presenting to high school classroom utilizing "DW" goggles, which simulate the hazards of alcohol abuse.


Allamakee County community members come together to help educate youth on the hazards and impact alcohol/drug and distracted driving have on everyone.

Mock car accident in Waukon.

Participants:  Allamakee Community School District, ASAP youth, parents, Waukon Police Department, Allamakee County Sheriff's Department, District 10 Iowa State Patrol, City of Waukon's Street Department, Veterans Memorial Hospital Ambulance, Waukon Fire Department, Martin Funeral Home, Medivac, and many other community members.

Mock car accident in Postville.

Participants:  Postville Community School district, ASAP youth, Postville Fire Department, Castalia Fire Department, Postville Police Department, Allamakee Sheriff's Department, District 10 State Patrol, City of Postville, Area Ambulance Service, and many other community members.

TIPS Training

ASAP offers Responsible Beverage Server Training, free of charge, to any and all alcohol establishments in Allamakee County.  These trainings help attendees not only identify underage drinking but how to look for over intoxication in their patrons, and how to address these work-related situations.

Local Government

Allamakee County Board of Supervisors

Holding the newly adopted Allamakee County Social Host and Cost Recovery Ordinance, September 2017.

Law Enforcement

One of three alco sensors furnished law enforcement by the ASAP SPF SIG project.  ASAP IPFS also helped furnish video cameras for implementation of strategies to several law enforcement departments.

Law enforcement is a huge collaborator in all aspects of ASAP's work.  All law enforcement departments implemented regular bar checks with the SPF SIG project, and have been working with youth on regular alcohol compliance checks.  The Allamakee County Sheriff's Department took part in safety checkpoints and saturation patrols as well for the SPF SIG project.

Various law enforcement officers attend Responsible Beverage Server Trainings (TIPs) to give attendees the added benefit of their advice and experience.  Law enforcement have been huge contributors to the various mock accidents, panel presentations and Project Northland graduation events put on by ASAP.